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Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Futian District, Shenzhen. The company has R & D centers in Shenzhen and Osaka, Japan. Among them, Shenzhen Futian R & D center has gathered top talents in the industry at home and abroad, equipped with high-end precision instruments and equipment, an…

Polyester imide ulmide EI

Polyester imide ulmide EI

  • Ulmide®︎

The ULMIDE-EI series is a polyester imide varnish. Two kinds of high-performance polyester imide varnishes are developed by using the chemical synthesis and dispersing technology of the well.

We will respond to the requirements of all kinds of customers.


1, improve the conductor (copper wire) and film coating force, excellent overlay and flexibility.

2, the contribution of line speed acceleration to increase productivity;

3, any viscosity and high viscosity can be adjusted to improve the uniformity of the coating of the flat wire, and the film thickness of the corner coating is very uniform.

4, superior thermal shock.


New energy vehicles, motors, electrical appliances, mobile phones and other motor motors.


1, solid content: 38-40wt% + 1.5 (180 c * 1.0g * 1hrs.);

2, viscosity: 400-550mPa.s

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